VPN organization VPN organization VPN channels allow companies to operate WAN networks across unlimited distances. There are two types of VPN channels: 1) Those that support data encryption (IPSec, OpenVPN etc.); 2) Those that don’t encrypt data (dedicated lines have to be laid down or GRE tunnels set up etc.) We’ve deployed both types of VPN for Smart-Company and furthermore, a GRE tunnel was encapsulated into an IPSec VPN tunnel, so that data can be transmitted using the main provider’s infrastructure and fall back onto the reserve option if the main channel stops working.
Video monitoring installation in Sheremetyevo Cargo Video monitoring installation in Sheremetyevo Cargo Sheremetyevo Cargo is an air service company and to supply security of their delivery system they asked us to create network infrastructure for video monitoring
Supply Russian client in EU Supply Russian client in EU The Summa group is a diversified holding operating port logistics, engineering, construction, telecommunications and oil and natural gas assets. The company has operations beyond Russia’s borders. The company managed to make deliveries of equipment to the EU on tight schedule and follow up with consultancy services for the equipment.
Cisco PBX supporting of Euromet Development company Cisco PBX supporting of Euromet Development company Evromet Cevelopment is a building and construction company with many branch offices around Russian Federation. For organisation VoIP between their offices they has chosen Cisco PBX (Cisco Unified Communication Server). Configuration of this server was done by us.
VoIP Installation in ABS Stroy VoIP Installation in ABS Stroy ABS Stroy is a building and constructing company with many branch offices around Russian federation. To create macrocosm phone system between head and branch offices we installed VoIP solution on Panasonic PBX
Supporting VoIP and network of Atlant Telekom provider Supporting VoIP and network of Atlant Telekom provider Atlant telecom is a VoIP and internet provider for corporate and home users which are located in Moscow. We have done audit of corporate network and started supporting them.
Organization of corporate network, and VoIP in international company Synevo Organization of corporate network, and VoIP in international company Synevo Synevo is an international (Ukraine, Georgia, Byelorussia, Germany, etc ) medical company, they do medical analysis. Expansion of CIS coutries started from Ukraine, and from the middle of 2014 opened an office in Russia. Synevo committed to us creation their corporate network.
Corporate network organization in Implant.ru company Corporate network organization in Implant.ru company Optimisation of network infrastructure costs, cutting operating costs for international and long distance calls

IT audit

You don't know how your IT staff working. You don't know is integration takes right way. We will chech and make some suggestions about your IT infrastructure.

Power3 Service Department gives our Customers an opportunity to forget all the problems of equipment support and maintenance. We provide our Clients with assistance in any emergency situations no matter how hard they may be.

Power3 service engineers are ready to offer various service packages (24x7 Labours remote; 8x5xNBD Labours onsite; 8x5xNBD Parts and Labours onsite; 24x7x4 Parts and Labours onsite; 24x7x2 Parts and Labours onsite etc…) to meet all the Client’s needs and requirements.

Types of support

•        Equipment maintenance:

o        Information Security based on Cisco Systems, Radware, Nortel equipment;

o        IP-telephony (Cisco Systems);

o        Wireless solutions (Wi-Fi) (Cisco Systems);

o        Network and transport equipment (Cisco Systems, Nortel, ECI and Huawei);

o        PBX maintenance (Nortel , Alcatel, Avaya, Ericsson and Panasonic);

o        Computer networks of any level of complicity;

o        Staging of Customer’s solutions for the at Power3 Technical Assistance Center.

•        Human Resource Outsourcing:

Engineers of various qualifications are ready to perform the following tasks at the Customer’s site:

o        Cisco Systems and Nortel equipment maintenance;

o        PBX of different level of complicity maintenance;

o        System administration;

o        Individual solutions for the projects of high level of complicity.

•        Warranty maintenance:

Being an authorized Partner of such global vendors as Cisco Systems, Alcatel, Huawei, Nortel, HP, Aquarius, CTC, Power3 offers to its clients all types of warranty maintenance:

o        Functional replacement (for Clients with service contracts concluded);

o        Communication with vendors on equipment replacement;

o        Equipment delivery and collecting after repair;

o        Warranty repair of the equipment that is out of order.

•        Post warranty maintenance:

o        Issuing of the extended guarantee;

o        Maintenance of equipment purchased through third parties.

•        Data recovery:

o        RAID files data recovery;

o        Flash drive data recovery;

o        Magnetic media data recovery;

o        IBM, Fujitsu, Seagate, Maxtor hard disk data recovery.

Service Department specialists perform all range of works of any degree of complicity:

o        Recovery of operation and confidential information;

o        Replacement of hard disc controller;

o        Replacement of magnetic heads in “clean room”.

•        Maintenance of managed networks:

Cooperation with service providers became not just a good tradition but a Company’s priority. In order to provide our Clients with best Quality of Service Power3 experts elaborated a special complex of the most suitable and convenient services.

o        Monitoring of the network equipment;

o        Localization and elimination of pre-emergency and emergency situations;

o        Re-configuration of network structure.

All the services may be provided as a separate service and as part of service contracts as well. Flexible price policy on Power3 support allows our clients to choose the desirable maintenance level on very favorable conditions.

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