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WI-FI simulation as a way to reduce risks and costs
WI-FI simulation as a way to reduce risks and costs Wi-Fi simulation reduces risks, cost. Design not based on suppose.
Stable network is a base of good relations
Stable network is a base of good relations Network should work 24/7/365, especially at objects which are related to medicine, food, communal services. On the example of Vegalon, we will tell you how we achieved this goals.
WAN optimizer installation
WAN optimizer installation Increase speed on connection by using WAN optimizer (device which archives data which is transferring and provides control version service)
Datacenter for Alibaba
Datacenter for Alibaba More than 300 devices, 12 000 optical transceivers has been installed in more than 200 racks in two weeks.
Pluses of corporate network
Pluses of corporate network Network connection with partners makes easy communication, clear information flow, good mood in relations with partners.


We do the same ting for less money ant time with the best quality. Try and you will be agree with us and many our clients.

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We have a great experience in IT sphere. Our team located around Russian Federation and beyond the bounds. So we can support our clients 24/7. Our goal is giving the best service and quality for less price.

We give to our clients following services:

  • SAN (from the simple Qnap, to the enterprises NetApp);
  • VoIP (Cisco, Awaya, Asterisk, Panasonic etc.);
  • ERP systems (We can develop and integrate ERP systems, which will meet your requirements. We automate all your business processes);
  • Vitalization (Visualization gives you opportunity to use 100% of your server, saves time of system administrator);
  • Video conference (Save money on business trips. organize your webinars);
  • IT consulting (we will answer to all your question);
  • Corporate networks (organize access to data from any location);
  • Information Security (Integrating IPS, IDS, Firewall, Proxy, AntiSpam, ArchSight solutions);
  • IT audit (We will audit your company, find all weaknesses, make a suggestion list).

We are ready to consult you for free by phone call:

USA: +1-561-413-17-92 

Russia: +7-499-322-79-17 +7-499-409-99-68

Uzbekistan: +998-93-593-09-83