VPN organization VPN organization VPN channels allow companies to operate WAN networks across unlimited distances. There are two types of VPN channels: 1) Those that support data encryption (IPSec, OpenVPN etc.); 2) Those that don’t encrypt data (dedicated lines have to be laid down or GRE tunnels set up etc.) We’ve deployed both types of VPN for Smart-Company and furthermore, a GRE tunnel was encapsulated into an IPSec VPN tunnel, so that data can be transmitted using the main provider’s infrastructure and fall back onto the reserve option if the main channel stops working.


Here we will describe how to implement and configure IT solutions.
Our engineer will describe how to configure and implement solutions that we do on our client site.
In this section you will find real knowledge of configuring:
2) VoIP,
3) Virtualization,
4) SAN,
5) Video conference,
6) Information security,
7) ERP systems.
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