WI-FI simulation as a way to reduce risks and costs
WI-FI simulation as a way to reduce risks and costs Wi-Fi simulation reduces risks, cost. Design not based on suppose.
Stable network is a base of good relations
Stable network is a base of good relations Network should work 24/7/365, especially at objects which are related to medicine, food, communal services. On the example of Vegalon, we will tell you how we achieved this goals.
WAN optimizer installation
WAN optimizer installation Increase speed on connection by using WAN optimizer (device which archives data which is transferring and provides control version service)
Datacenter for Alibaba
Datacenter for Alibaba More than 300 devices, 12 000 optical transceivers has been installed in more than 200 racks in two weeks.
Pluses of corporate network
Pluses of corporate network Network connection with partners makes easy communication, clear information flow, good mood in relations with partners.
Corporate network and VoIP
Corporate network and VoIP Service which is working 24/7/365 and has been installed in short period.


We proud of our long relations with our clients.

Our customers are the purpose of our existence, we exist to satisfy their every need, grow with them share experience, anticipate and solve their problems the way an elder brother would do. We are a customer-oriented company. We are proud of the results we achieve while our customers are proud of us. We didn’t spend a dime on marketing when we started out, the only kind of advertising we had was word of mouth and we’re happy that this has never changed. We will be happy to see you among your friends and fellow travellers.


Implant.ru is a leader in Russian implantology. The company has managed to remain a leader by ensuring maximum efficiency at every stage of its value creation chain and using cutting edge production and business organisation technologies while optimising costs. In cooperation with implant.ru we’ve implemented an integrate corporate data transmission network, streamlined information flows, built a network infrastructure hierarchy, improve information security, organised secure communications from anywhere in the world by implementing voice data encryption, giving implant.ru’s employees more mobility. Now implant.ru has a single corporate network infrastructure that connects the head office with all the branches and partner companies. The company has a call centre with 35 operators that fields about 6,000 calls every day and employees that can do their job from anywhere in the world connecting to the company’s WAN via encrypted secure communications channels


Tbm.ru is a leading distributer of parts for the manufacture of windows, doors and furniture. The company was founded in 1993 and today it employs over 3,000 people and has representative office in several countries and in major cities across Russia. We’ve partnered up with tbm.ru to optimise their costs of network infrastructure, virtualisation and voice-over-IP solutions. Today tbm.ru is a modern company with high IT competencies that has successfully reduced operating costs and IT incident response time.

Мир станочника

Mirstan.ru sells machine parts and machines. In the relatively short period of time the company’s been on the market it has expanded its business exponentially. This explosive growth resulted, among other things, from effective management and good IT organisation. We’ve helped mirstan.ru optimise the process of handling information flows, blocked entertainment websites without deploying any additional equipment and only relying on the already existing infrastructure. We’ve also helped the company organise their network into a hierarchy, limiting user access to various parts of the infrastructure. Now the company uses modern data transmission and processing technologies, allowing it to keep abreast of the fast changing business environment