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Advertising campaign: First mount of support is free

1 March 2014

Promotional campaign: outsource some or all of your IT functions for 1 month free of charge. In this period you’ll figure out what you need from IT outsourcing, what sort of service it is, how it works and how much you’d be willing to pay for it.
The idea of this promotional campaign is that oftentimes business take time to consider IT outsourcing and find out as much information as they can about potential partners as they’re unwilling to take on unnecessary risks. So to reduce risks and allow our prospective clients to adequately assess how much work needs to be done, we offer them one month of free outsourcing services. During this month the client can properly assess their IT outsourcing risks and figure out how many businesses processes need to be outsourced and thus minimise all associated risks. The goal of our company is to help our prospective customers understand what they need from It outsourcing so they can only outsource those functions they’re ready to outsource.