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VPN organization

16 October 2016

VPN channels allow companies to operate WAN networks across unlimited distances. There are two types of VPN channels: 1) Those that support data encryption (IPSec, OpenVPN etc.); 2) Those that don’t encrypt data (dedicated lines have to be laid down or GRE tunnels set up etc.) We’ve deployed both types of VPN for Smart-Company and furthermore, a GRE tunnel was encapsulated into an IPSec VPN tunnel, so that data can be transmitted using the main provider’s infrastructure and fall back onto the reserve option if the main channel stops working.
A WAN connecting all the branches of Smart Company was set up. Reserve channels were deployed between the central office and branches by getting internet connections from two providers for each branch and for the central office. The channels connecting the branches and the central office are encrypted, which means that corporate data can be transmitted without the fear they might be replaced or confidential correspondence might be leaked. In the project we did for Smart Company we successfully deployed some really advanced solutions, laying the foundation for future deployments.