WI-FI simulation as a way to reduce risks and costs
11 Feb 2018
Wi-Fi simulation reduces risks, cost. Design not based on suppose.
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Stable network is a base of good relations
15 Nov 2017
Network should work 24/7/365, especially at objects which are related to medicine, food, communal services. On the example of Vegalon, we will tell you how we achieved this goals.
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WAN optimizer installation
13 Sep 2017
Increase speed on connection by using WAN optimizer (device which archives data which is transferring and provides control version service)
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VoIP Call from office to office free for charge. Make cheap international calls. Integrate Customer Relationship Management system with VoIP....learn more
SAN SAN gives you assurance in saving your data and increases efficiency of processing and saving data. SAN is a technology wich gives you opportunity to change disks without turning off the server, high speed data access...learn more
Video Conference
Video Conference Save your money and time by communicating with your long distance colleagues without flight. Exchange your experience without getting up from the comfort chair...learn more